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Eyebrow Lamination Is Here To Give You Microbladed Brows Without Needling

Eyebrow lamination: a new treatment that's all about lifting, sculpting and generally glamming up your brows, bringing them into the 21st century from what was their natural shape. If you’re after strong brows, but like the idea of not having to deal with the upkeep and commitment of microblading, eyebrow lamination could just be the answer to your prayers. It’s a relatively new technique to the Australian beauty scene, which is similar to a lash lift for your brows. Brows are big business; with Aussies spend big bucks on them (and their upkeep), with spending on brows, waxes and tweezers rising by $14.3 million to $177.8 mil in Australia. So, it's fair to say that Australians do not mess around...

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High arched eyebrows vs. low arched. Which do you prefer?

Are you a fan of Cara Delevingne’s high-arching brows, or is the classic Emma Watson look more your style?  Have you ever wondered which style of eyebrows look the best on you? Your forehead, eyes & nose shape will contribute to what eyebrow shape is best for your face. Ready to find out?  You will find that in this generation, most people prefer higher arched brows. It gives your eyes a bigger frame and makes them look wider. This can be a huge benefit if you have small eyes or want to make them appear more prominent. Also, most people with foreheads that are naturally high will want to go for the high arch brow. It's completely up to you and your personal...

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Eyebrow lamination on thin brows

If your brows are thin, you're not alone. We all have our days where it's hard to find the perfect brow match, but if you're struggling to find a brow product that does the trick, check out our DIY eyebrow lamination kit that is a fast and inexpensive way to plump up your brows and have you feeling your best in no time!  Brow lamination isn't just for thick brows. If your brows are thin and sparse, it's time to embrace the latest trend in beauty: Brow lamination. It's also a way to conceal and add volume to thin brows. This simple process is done by applying a layer of lift cream to your brows and then using a comb to lift them up...

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Our story

Oh Peach Brows was born in Australia by two women that, let's face it have some pretty wild eyebrows. After discovering the amazing results of brow lamination but the heavy price tag that was attached to the treatment, they made it their mission to make brow lamination more accessible as an at home treatment. Saving women hundreds on in salon treatments, by bringing the treatment home. At home comfort, in salon results, with a fraction of the price tag.  Check out the brow lamination kit for natural, feathery, and voluminous eyebrows everyday. No more gels, powders, and other fixation tools. With 8-10 treatments per kit, you'll be set for the year!    Check out our other blog post: What is brow lamination and how to use...

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Eyebrow lamination - What it is and how you should use it

So you're thinking about getting your brows laminated? But what is brow lamination? Well, it is a relatively new procedure that mainly focuses on creating shiny, smooth, lifted brows. It is also sometimes referred to as an eyebrow perm, as it works to break the bonds in your hair follicle and rebuild them in their new desired shape.  Now normally eyebrow lamination is performed in a salon and can cost anywhere between $50-$70 per treatment. With treatments lasting until your eyebrows grow out, which is usually around 8 or so weeks. This can be costly, and time consuming to keep up the routine. That is why we have introduced eyebrow lamination kits from home. With 8-10 applications per package, that's...

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