Eyebrow lamination on thin brows

If your brows are thin, you're not alone. We all have our days where it's hard to find the perfect brow match, but if you're struggling to find a brow product that does the trick, check out our DIY eyebrow lamination kit that is a fast and inexpensive way to plump up your brows and have you feeling your best in no time! 

Brow lamination isn't just for thick brows. If your brows are thin and sparse, it's time to embrace the latest trend in beauty: Brow lamination. It's also a way to conceal and add volume to thin brows. This simple process is done by applying a layer of lift cream to your brows and then using a comb to lift them up into their desired shape. It's quick and easy and results can be astonishing — and unlike waxing, it doesn't leave you looking like a raccoon. 

The trick to defining brows and giving them a lift is to fill them in and frame them properly. The result is more defined, fuller brows. Unlike tattooing or microblading, eyebrow lamination is a less invasive procedure to get fuller looking brows. There are no risks of infection which can affect skin tone, colour and texture of the eyebrows. 

Now you can have bold brows, with zero in-between brows!

With the right tools and the right ingredients, you can create brows so brilliant they’ll look like they were done by a professional eyebrow stylist. See how this innovative solution can transform your brow game in just 20 minutes!


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