High arched eyebrows vs. low arched. Which do you prefer?

Are you a fan of Cara Delevingne’s high-arching brows, or is the classic Emma Watson look more your style? 

Have you ever wondered which style of eyebrows look the best on you? Your forehead, eyes & nose shape will contribute to what eyebrow shape is best for your face. Ready to find out? 

You will find that in this generation, most people prefer higher arched brows. It gives your eyes a bigger frame and makes them look wider. This can be a huge benefit if you have small eyes or want to make them appear more prominent. Also, most people with foreheads that are naturally high will want to go for the high arch brow. It's completely up to you and your personal style.

While many women love full, high arched eyebrows, there are women who like to rock their natural low arching brows. They frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. You really can’t go wrong with a natural eyebrow shape. 

There is much debate between these two eyebrow shapes. They are both beautiful. They have the power to make you look sophisticated, vivacious, and bold. Which is why they deserve a lot of attention and care.

If you’re working with a natural brow or if you want to mimic the arched brow look, there are many techniques that will help you achieve it. One of which is eyebrow lamination: one of the most popular procedures in modern aesthetics. Eyebrow lamination can be used to achieve just about any kind of look you wish for. We've created the DIY Brow Lamination Kit, which is easy to use for everyone. 

It’s designed to take the guesswork out of brow lamination, so you can have perfectly shaped brows in 20 minutes or less! Just follow the simple steps and you can achieve your desired style!


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