Eyebrow lamination - What it is and how you should use it

So you're thinking about getting your brows laminated? But what is brow lamination? Well, it is a relatively new procedure that mainly focuses on creating shiny, smooth, lifted brows. It is also sometimes referred to as an eyebrow perm, as it works to break the bonds in your hair follicle and rebuild them in their new desired shape. 

Now normally eyebrow lamination is performed in a salon and can cost anywhere between $50-$70 per treatment. With treatments lasting until your eyebrows grow out, which is usually around 8 or so weeks. This can be costly, and time consuming to keep up the routine. That is why we have introduced eyebrow lamination kits from home. With 8-10 applications per package, that's less than $10 per application. 

So what are the results, and is it worth it? Well, I'll leave that up to you. Here are a few customer eyebrow lamination before and afters. 


eyebrow lamination before and after
eyebrow lamination before and after

So maybe you're convinced. Maybe you're not. Either way, let me show you how you apply the eyebrow lamination kit, and the results:  


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